Friday, 12 May 2017

Look Gorgeous This Eid with Designer Eid Special Suits

The most awaited festival of Eid is round the corner and on this special religious occasion, everyone wants to look quite amazing. Eid special suits have been designed to make you look stand out of the crowd.

For those pretty ladies who are perplexed about what they should go for on this auspicious occasion, fashion designers have offered a wide range of salwar suits. These are undoubtedly the perfect outfits that not only provide elegance, but also add sophistication to the personality of fashion conscious women. Yes, these Eid special dresses provide fashionable appearance with traditional yet modernized touch.
Eid Special Designer Suit

It is needless to mention that the new fashion trend has transformed simple designs of salwar suits into stylish dresses. The changing fashion trends have influenced ethnic wears’ designing patterns. The fashion designers are introducing a wide variety of collection in appealing designs and lovely shades in order to meet buyers’ expectations of the festival of Eid. Innovative cuts and several different shapes are going to seize the attention of women for their shopping of Eid. Other than this, designers have used striking beautiful color patterns for offering impressive motifs in order to make their Eid special suits collection simply wonderful.

Diya Mirza Eid Special Suit

Eid special dresses can now be found available in many online stores and you can buy in many different shapes and lengths according to your choice. Some of the most popular categories that one can buy this Eid include salwar suits, anarkali suits and Pakistani suits.

You can buy Salwar suits, Anarkali suits, Pakistani suits and A Line Suit from online stores for you as well as for your relatives at very reasonable price. The most notable advantage of ordering your Eid’s dress online is that you can find a wide variety of appealing dresses just with few clicks. Adding to this, prices that you can get online are simply incomparable than shopping from physical stores. Apart from reasonable price, online stores offer very attractive deals that are just unbelievable and difficult to avoid when you are looking for shopping in bulk. 

 Gone are the days when people used to invest so much time in shopping by visiting stores. Now most of the people love ordering their stuff online because it takes hardly a couple of minutes to choose and order. So what are you looking for. It’s time for the shopping of Eid without spending tons of money and valuable time that you can spend in other preparations for the holy festival.  

In a nutshell, buy eid salwar kameez tips by expert designers is simply a great idea to look different form the crowd. So pick the best out of designer collection that can make you look stylish yet can reflect the rich cultural heritage.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Fashionable Kurtis vs Traditional Salwar Kameezes

There are plenty of ways that you can wear kurtis these days rather than wearing the traditional style salwar kameezes. One of the best things is that you can pair the kurtis with a wide variety of bottoms, including leggings, palazzo pants and more. You should make sure to wear what makes you comfortable, whether that is the traditional style salware kameezes or the more modern smart style ones.

There are plenty of options to keep anyone happy and keep you in the latest fashion style. Don’t sacrifice your office or going out style if you don’t need to. There are many options that you can choose from no matter what type of Indian clothing you are planning on donning, so make sure to find something that fits your style.

Style Options
These days everyone is going for the latest designer kurti, but the nice part about these is that they can be paired with anything. If you get one specially designed for you, then you can specify the type of bottom that you want, including a skirt, leggings, palazzo pants and more. Why bother getting the designer options if you can’t dress the way that you want to? There are many options that you can choose from and these can be great for office wear and can also be paired with a pair of jeans or nice trousers.

Traditional Salwar Kameezes
When it comes to the traditional style salwar kameezes, then you should make sure to check out the best designer kurtis online that are available. These are a great way to wear simple clothing items in bright colors without much fuss. These are perfect for going out with friends or for a day at the office for casual wear. You don’t need to worry about the combinations that you put together since most options will go together, so go ahead and pick out what you want to wear, including the bottoms and the dupatta.


You can pick the fashionable kurtis for the office or even for wedding or going out outfits, while you can use the traditional salware kameez outfits for when you are running errands or even for sitting around the house. At Zipker you can choose new arrival dresses from latest trends for all events, so go ahead and see what they have that attracts you. Not only can you find designer clothing here, but you can also find simpler outfits for those who don’t like spending the extra cash.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Choose New Arrival Dresses from Latest Trends

Needless to mention that with each passing year, Indian weddings are getting more grand and brilliant. All thanks to the increasing competition among the Indian wedding planners as well as skilled Fashion Designers offering new arrival dresses.

Indian wedding dresses are undoubtedly popular worldwide and play major role in making the Indian weddings more magnificent. The aim of Indian wedding planners is to be ahead in the competition of arranging impressive weddings for their clients. Earlier weddings in India used to be just closely knitted family affair and almost every preparation was taken care by the family members and close relatives. But, today the scenario has completely changed.

Blue Pocket Lehenga

Now, Indian weddings are arranged by the wedding planners and also fashion designers play important role in order to make them grand ones. Today, no wedding is complete without luxurious Indian wedding dresses as well as new arrival dresses.

Earlier wedding saris were the most obvious choice for weddings, but the latest innovations in Indian bridal dresses have offered a large number of outfit options for the brides as well as other people. Nowadays, there are a number of labels that are offering wide variety of designs, styles and patterns in the wedding collections. When it comes to price, you can find them available from low to high price range.

It would not be wrong to say that nowadays online fashion websites are spoiling the people by offering countless choices at very reasonable price. When it comes to new arrival dresses, bridal sarees, bridal lehengas, Fashion Designers are leaving no stones unturned to catch the attention of their customers. Other than exclusively designed Indian bridal sarees and lehengas, they also provide personalized styling tips to make their customers feel special and out of the crowd.

Indian wedding dresses collections include delicately embellished sarees, bridal gowns and bridal lehengas made with richly woven and elegant fabrics. Moreover, sparkles of Swarovski crystals and intricate hand embroidery add more elegance to wedding dresses.

Beige Crop Top Lehenga
Other than a fashion designer boutiques, there are many online fashion, shopping websites where you can find latest trends available. If you are among those shopaholics who never compromise with fashion, online shopping is the best idea for you. It is quite a convenient way of shopping from the comfort zone of your home. Highly attractive offers, large number of styles, designs and colors in new arrival dresses make online shopping fun as well as pocket friendly. 

On a concluding note, it can be said that online shopping is the best shopping mode for buying new arrival dresses. Online stores offer highly attractive deals and discounts that are simply irresistible.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Latest Saree Trend : Bhagalpuri Silk Saree

As our last blog was about banarasi saree, and we wrote a lot of blogs on different kind of sarees. Today we come with some informative data of bhagalpuri sarees. Bhagalpuri saree also has an important place like banarasi saree in the indian sarees style. As we are an online shopping store and our customer service is pan India and worldwide. We have a lot of trendy designer bhagalpuri sarees in our collection. Most of our customers don’t know much about Bhagalpuri sarees, which type of fabric used in Bhagalpuri sarees. Bhagalpuri saree is one of the favourite saree of an indian woman.

Red Bhagalpuri Saree
Madhuri in Red Saree

Bhagalpuri Silk Saree – This saree is made by silk fabric and quality of this silk is very fine. We also called it Tussar silk saree.  Bhagalpuri sarees made in Bhagalpur India. Bhagalpur is a city of state Bihar and it is situated on the holy river Ganga. This city has historical  importance. Bhagalpuri silk sarees are popular not only in India but also other countries of the world. All production is done it in Bhagalpur and more than 50 percent production is exported. An annual trade of this saree is approximate Rupees 1 crore. By this we can imagine that how much it is popular.

Indian women live who in abroad are crazy about bhagalpuri sarees dying style and designs. The trend of this saree is reaching at the peak worldwide. A dying style of India suddenly becomes a world wide fashion trend. Women wear it as a daily wear dress. Office going women to college going girls love to wear bhagalpuri sarees.

Now a days, every online shopping store is selling bhagalpuri sarees, but there is no much information available about this saree and fabric.

We bring some information about bhagalpuri saree and next you will take it long.

So, now it’s your responsibility to share information with people about bhagalpuri silk saree by share this article. Would you share it..?

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

What Are The Factors To Check While Buying Sarees Online ?

Honestly, online shopping doles out more benefits than the disadvantages. Starting from the extravagant variety, party wear sarees with a price ending with a new saree online sale  and  various payment options, the advent of online shopping has put an end to the daunting task of thronging malls and retail shops to pick up your favorite apparel.

Though, the internet is flooded with articles and guidelines for saree shopping online, there are but a few important ones that you must take care of before you move on to buy online sarees.

 Product Description:

The product description is the first and foremost factor that you must check when choosing a saree online. Look up for the words: mixed, pure and faux, which indicates the originality of the saree? Though even product description can be misleading, but it can assist you in drawing a rough sketch about the Saree you're about to buy.

Browse through Pictures: 

Go through all the images with rapt attention, without missing out on even one of them. Reject the ones that showcase single pictures of a saree. You must look at all the sides, and zoom in to judge the fabric. You might even notice the fine artistic work on the fabric. 


Single images of a product can be misleading, in the case of judging the color. Few colors are quite difficult to understand. Try browsing all the pictures of the product, one by one and try differentiating the colors. If you observe even a slight difference in color, call the supplier to confirm about the actual color.


As for the price, it's good to use your own judgement rather than blindly relying on the website. In a world, where sellers have learn the art of playing with words and endorsements, it is good to stay away from a product that comes with a doubtful price tag. You would want to buy it at first with the mere craze and repent later on.

 Length and Width: 

What we often don't tend to check is the size of the saree. Henceforth, there's a chance of being fooled if we don't check on with the length and width. A normal Saree’s average size must not be less than 5 meters. As for the width, measure your existing sarees to conclude what amount of width you require.  


Weight of saree plays a crucial role, so it's always advisable to check the weight before you proceed to add it to your cart. A Saree heavier than 2kg will hinder your movement and would restrict you from waking or working with it on. Though for parties and occasions, where you would just sit and enjoy, you can wear heavier sarees.  

Also check factors to buy party wear saree online, which would help you to look more stunning in the party.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

4 Reasons to Wear Wrist Watch


We can say that Wrist Watch is ornament of our wrist. Now these days mobile phones take place of wrist watches. Many persons think that when they have cellphone in their pocket then why they need wrist watch. They don’t need to make their hand heavy with wear wrist watch. But , I think wrist watch has an important place. There is a ardent  community of watch lovers who dive into the details of watch-making and collecting. I will tell you 4 points that why we wear the wrist watch.

Watches Help You Create A Relation With TimeWearing a watch has a affirmative effect on my attitude towards time. I am more attentive to how I spend my 24 hours. It makes me punctual.

Watches Provide Simpleness – The best wrist watches don’t use the latest technology. They are powered by cunning mechanical clockwork technology that adapid electricity. So when your cellphone runs out battery – you can trust the technology that keeps draw on your wrist. When you wear a watch – it’s less likely you will fall back on your phone as a disarray. Often, checking the phone for time results in a rabbit-trail of activities including checking every messenger app, email and Facebook and other social media activities.

Watches Are Convenient – CellPhones don’t keep you punctual. Watches do. A wrist watch is the most favourable way to tell the time.I don’t need a watch because I have a phone, is a public response from a generation who are now asking the adverse effects of constant moblie phone use. On other occasions where it’s advisable to leave the phone out of sight – like the beach, a funeral, a marriage, a watch is a much more  accessible way to check time.

Watches Are Functional – Any item divine by the military has a functional use. Wrist watches included. Wrist watches were first used in the 19th century by the military to correct navigate during war. Since then, specific watches have been used in the depths of the ocean by divers and high up in the sky by aviatrix.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

7 Things To Consider While Buying Designer Clothes Online

A shopaholic goes through the urge to fork out on a ritzy designer piece once in their lifetime. Designer labels are a thing of latest fad amidst the innovative world of fashion and window-dressing. Always an element to brag about, designer pieces are now being sold like hot cakes in online stores.
Designer pieces not only set a fashion statement but are even the most sought after for the cutting-edge quality it is made up of. With a designer label on, you are sure to turn some heads. Tagged with lucrative discounts and an all-inclusive collection to choose from, online shopping is currently everybody’s latest cry. But there are things that ought to be considered while laying your hands on a designer label.

The top things that deserve to be considered while buying your favorite designer label online are:

1)      Choose an authenticated online store that provides you with 100% genuine items sans any fraudulent and hoax labels.

2)      Go for the correct size when buying your designer label. The size must be appropriately complementing your body structure.

3)      Purchase the type of dress, you would reach out for in the near future and not something that would be packed up in the highest rack of your wardrobe.

4)      Pick a color you love wearing and not the one you hated, but wish to don after seeing your favorite celebrities sporting it at the red carpet.

5)      Look out for the discounts at different online portals and compare them with each other before choosing your brand.

6)      Try buying designer cloth pieces only if you are in dire wish for it and not on somebody’s word. Designer pieces come with hefty price tags and must not be regretted and locked up in wardrobes with special care.

7)      Browse through the customer reviews of the product you have wish listed before clicking on the purchase button. Reviews are of great help for those doubting and confused over the item.

To feast your eyes on a vast collection of designer labels, you can log into With the most attractive discounts and offers on designer labels and non-designer labels alike, Zipker has attained the topmost level in the domain of ethnic wear. From Bollywood sarees, traditional dresses, designer suits, accessories, jewelries, western outfits and party wear suits with price, This shopping portal offers multiple payment schemes, quick delivery process, and money-back guarantee. Allow Zipker to clad you in sheer awesomeness on every occasion you attend. Zipker is the answer to all things fashion.