Monday, 12 February 2018

Numerous Distinctive Features of Indo Western Gown

There is always a dilemma among girls these days when it comes to attending an Indian wedding ceremony because they want to wear traditional dresses while creating a contemporary look at the same time. Considering the popularity and the demand, designers today are creating clothes that provide a perfect blend of ethnic and modern and one of those dresses is an Indo western gown. These gowns are a great way to look stunning at a formal, casual, and traditional event. Apart from the weddings, you may also wear these during festivals and work events. This article includes a few distinctive features that make these gowns talks of the town among women of all ages.

Features  - 

Multi Event - An interesting feature of investing in an Indo western outfit that they can be worn during different events including both traditional and casual. These gowns are also extremely easy to carry, which means that you are not comfortable wearing a saree but want to have a different look, these are your best pick. 

VarietyDue to the increasing popularity of these gowns, they are available in a large variety of designs, prints, and colors, which makes the choice even easier. Another great feature of these gowns is the variety of styles that it comes in such as full-sleeves, sleeveless, and others.

Ageless - Another interesting feature of these gowns is that they can be worn by people of all ages. From your little sister to you and your mother, almost anyone can carry these gowns. In fact, these are known among the best Indo western dresses for a girl to wear at any event. 

Classic & ElegantLong gowns are often known to provide a more formal and chic look. In fact, these gowns make the wearer look like a princess and are considered appropriate for different types of formal events. 

 Creative - Because these gowns are a new concept, designers are experimenting with different designs to create interesting looks and designs. Hence, today is the right time to invest in these gowns because everything is freshly designed and looks unique.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

7 Tips that Will Help You Look Stunning in A Crop Top

Planning to purchase a crop top this summer or already have one but do not know how to pair it well? This article provides you a few tips that will help you look fabulous in a crop top.

Do you envy the likes of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Gigi Hadid? Ever wished to flaunt your beautiful crop tops as stunningly as these models and look and feel comfortable in it? If the answer to the above-mentioned questions is a yes, this article will help you use some tips that will help you rock your crop top.

Avoid Heels

There is no doubt that heels make us look stunning; however, if you are wearing crop tops with skirt for women, or Boyfriend’s jeans, leaving the high heels will do you wonder. Instead, wear sneakers with jeans and wedges with the skirt.

Crop Top With Flat Footwear

Keep it Classy

If you are wearing a crop top, there is a high chance that it is during the summers; hence, put minimal make-up, leave the hair open in beach waves or make a tight bun. If you are wearing it in the evening, try your hand at different eye shadows and play with the colors. 

Crop Top With Classy Look

Confidence is Key

There is no doubt that confidence is an additional accessory, which will differentiate you from the others. If you are wearing crop tops with lehenga as a party wear, add some confidence, big earrings, and high heels for it. 

Crop Top With Party Wear Lehenga

Pair it with a Mini Skirt

Want to create a sophisticated yet flirty look at the same time? Find a crop top with collar and pair it with a mini skirt to create a perfect look for the summer.

Crop Top With Mini Skirt
Baggy Pants or Palazzos

Nothing and we really mean nothing beats pairing a crop top with a palazzo or a baggy pant. You may change your entire look by adding a stunning crop top instead of a tee or a shirt with baggy pants.

Crop Top With Stripe Pant
Get Sporty

Another great way to pair a crop top is by pairing it with yoga pants or workout pants. Crop tops look stunning with a perfectly fitted workout attire. In fact, you may also add a jacket to create a perfect look. 
Crop Top With Yoga Capri
Prepare for the Winter

If you are in a mood to flaunt a crop top during winter, it is a smart idea to pair it with leather pants and a jacket. This way, you can look stylish while keeping yourself warm.

Crop Top With Leather Jacket

Regardless of whether you are planning to pair crop tops with skirt for women or with jeans, make sure to always wear the right accessories and keep the above-mentioned tips in mind. 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Buy Designer Lehenga Choli Online at Affordable Price

Therefore, a designer lehenga choli has always been the first choice for Indian women to wear on special occasions like wedding, festivals or other functions; and still in much demand as ever.

A lehenga is a floor length long pleated outfit that is worn on the waist. It looks like a long skirt and looks pretty eye-catching along with the flares. Nowadays, various different shapes of lehengas are available in the market. 

Currently available forms of lehenga choli include Lehengas with full flair, Kali ghagras lehengas, A-line lehenga, cut lehenga, Mermaid lehenga, Sea food tail lehenga, Paneled lehengas, Around lehengas and so on. In recent times, country women of India used to wear embroidered lehenga choli made with cotton fabrics and embellished with embroidery along with mirror work. While, women of royal families used to wear designer lehengas decorated with additional brocades, high quality satins, tanchoi, silver adornments, real gold as well as studded with costly stones.

 The lehenga is popular as a traditional outfit in Rajasthan/Gujarat. In Rajasthan and Gujarat, it is a conventional apparel and known as ghagra choli. If we talk about tradition, the bandhani printed and coloring ghagra choli are the traditional dressing of Rajasthan/Gujarat. Not only in Rajasthan and Gujarat but also this graceful attire has been gaining popularity all over the country. This is made of pure cotton and other alternative fabrics that are used include silk as well as many other man made materials. Generally, blouse to be worn with this graceful outfit is designed with detailed mirror-work, patch-work, embroidery and so on.

This traditional costume has always been in trend and worn while attending wedding parties, festivals (Navratri, Dusshera, Eid, etc.). During wedding season, this traditional outfit gains more attention because everyone wants to look out of the crowd. Other than a wedding day, a nicely designed lehenga choli is the best choice to wear on the occasions like pre wedding ceremony, Mehendi, Sangeet, reception and the likes.

A designer lehenga expansively brings out the best essence with feminism. The trend of traditional outfits keeps changing with wedding or festive season in India. Hence, every wedding or festive season introduces different fashion trend of designer lehengas. Nowadays, modern and fashionable brides look for traditional ethnic outfits along with trendy appearance. Indian Fashion Designers know the fact and they are now providing designs of lehengas according to the modern girls. Hence, you can find various different patterns and styles of the latest designer lehenga choli in online stores that can let you have a unique appearance for any special occasion. Since online stores offer a wide variety and affordable price, for buying heap and best lehenga choli, online store is the best platform for one and all.

Friday, 29 December 2017

10 Different Ways to Look Stylish Every Time

The fashion upbeat is on and it is hard to evade the style quotient of the industry. Chances are that if you are a fashion lover, then you are bound to be stirred by the latest designer dresses, party wear attires, Indian ethnic lehengas, etc. However, many end up wearing these outfits the wrong way to create fashion disasters. These Indian and western looks are not that hard to master and with little effort and knowledge about styling techniques, you could reach the benchmark. Check out the 10 most stylish looks trending this year.

  • Add a western touch with the fusion long skirts

Long skirts were extremely popular in the early 2000s, yet with time, the trend started to lose its spotlight. Apparently, the skirts are now back with a western touch to them as we witness designers and brands all around incorporating stylish and bold designs. From digital prints to bold solids, fusion long skirts are selected as a glamorous party wear dress as well as are worn in official events.

  • Go with the latest narrow salwar

Previously, orthodoxy in Indian culture did not let the stylish narrow salwars reach the middle-class group. However, with the expansion and propagation of fashion and the dismissal of ridiculous backwardness, narrow-fitted salwar have been widely introduced by several brands. All you have to do is choose the color and designs wisely for a particular occasion, and the close fitting at the waist should highlight the artistry of your shape.

  • Silk gowns are gaining popularity

Among the new arrival dresses in the market, the most popular of them all is the silk gown. For the past few years, lacey and georgette gowns are considered as the prime vintage beauties, however, this year extraordinary silk gowns are looked upon with optimism and pure admiration.

  • Go floral with the satin skater dresses

Are you one of those women who have a thing for flowery prints? Then you are right on track as the floral skater dresses are considered as one of the ideal party wear dresses. What is amazing about the attire is its adaptability. Be it a social party, bachelorette, campaign events, or a wedding after party, the short and composed style of skater dresses could go in with literally every party occasion.

  • Choose minimum jewelry for a modern saree look

High neck blouses paired with solid sarees and almost no added jewelry are gaining popularity as a sleek and sexy look. For ages, women have been told to dress up gorgeously with a saree, yet the weight and heaviness of the entire look make you encumbered. Go simple and plain with an unornamented saree for a sophisticated look everywhere.

  • Make use of those palazzos
With the advent of the palazzo pants, women were awestruck by its multifaceted talent. The same palazzo pant could be used to wear in an official meeting and at a wedding reception. Crop tops are the palazzos western best friends while split Anarkalis and floor-length courts are more favored by the eastern dressers.

  • Match an ordinary salwar kameez with a vibrant dupatta

This is an oldie yet has not lost its charm yet. Matching vibrant colored dupatta with dull shades of Salwar Kameez enhance the bubbly charm of a typical Indian girl. Neon colored dupattas with cute prints placed widely above the chest and shoulders should complete the desi look. Go with Rajasthani styled multi-colored shoes to amplify the vibrancy. The focus of the attire should mainly rest on the dupatta and partly on the shoes and the underlying salwar kameez is the background that offers the stage to these accessories.

  • Go tribal with the jewelry
Ironically, tribal jewelry somehow exudes a classy and bold beauty and has been listed as one of the top favorites by several Indian women. If you are joining your friends in an outdoor party, throw some tribal jewelry on you and match the accessories with bright solid colored kurtas and long skirts. There have been some cases where such accessories were preferred to the traditional heavy jewelry look even on the wedding occasions.


  • Team up a short hairstyle with the traditional dresses

Be the party-head at a traditional zesty party where people could easily spot you for the bob haircut you are apparently rocking with the jacket Anarkali! Are you yet not sure, if the duo would work? Simply browse Kangana Ranaut's bob look in the Sabyasachi lehenga, and convince your eyes of the beauty.

  • Welcome the velvet in your closet once again

The 90s were the prime time for displaying the different velvety attires in your closet. However, with time, the fabric lost its significance, probably due to the unbearable warmth it created. From velvet gowns to velvet kurtis, the new arrival dresses are suddenly brimming up with the velvety charm once again!

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Modern Designer Kurtis Online for Girls

Hey Girls, its last days of April and summer season is going on. Somewhere in India temperature has reached up to 43° celsius. But don’t worry is here to make you stylish in any season or on any occasion. In summer, spring, occasion, wedding, party  and festival  zipker is always ready to make you fashionable and stylish. We bring for you dresses for every occasion. So now its summer, for this hot season zipker has a vast collection of Stylish Cotton Kurtis in different design and colors.  We bring for you from embroidery to Simple Plain Cotton kurtis which fabric is finest. Other varieties of fabric such as silk, chiffon, denims and georgette also available on Best Online Ethnic Shop of India(

We offer Latest Collection of Exclusive Short and Designer Kurtis. These kurtis are new arrivals of this summer season, which all are body friendly and soft garments. And one shocking news is that there is discount up to 50% on this summer season collection. So, we can say that it is a best deal and best online shopping price in India.

We also offers you Party Wear Kurtis.  In summer season  wear a heavy saree in the party not make you comfortable. So for take attention in the party and look beautiful  and cool buy now Designer Kurtis from We offer Designer Party Wear Kurtis  which are crafted on finest  fabrics as well as with the latest and unique design.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Latest Earrings for Girls - 5 Stylish Earrings for Women of All Ages

There is a large range of earrings that is available in the market. In this article, we mention 5 different types of latest earrings for girls that you can add to your jewelry collection.

Different people have different take on earrings. Some like small earrings while others prefer big hooks. If you are an accessory freak or someone who is looking to buy a few new pairs of earrings, it is time to ditch your regular single pair and replace it with the latest earrings for girls. If you want to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time, here is a guide to a few earrings that will help you make heads turn.

Types of Earrings 

Earrings are a great way to accessorize any outfit because a beautiful pair always compliments women of any age. The best part about investing in a pair of a beautiful piece is it never gets old or goes out of fashion, in fact, you can flaunt a beautiful earring even after ages of buying it with a little innovativeness and style sense. Mentioned below are a few types of earrings that you can mix and match to look stunning.


Drop earrings are shaped like a drop of water and have a design that requires them to hang in a straight line. They are perfect to wear with both traditional and contemporary outfits. These are among the most elegant piece of jewelry which is worn by most celebrities in the movie industry. 
Drop Earrings


Dangles are designed to create a classy look because they often sway from the bottom of your earlobes. You can get dangles in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Drop and certain styles of chandelier earrings may also be considered as dangles. 

Dangle Earrings

Ear Thread/Ear String Earrings

This is an earring with a chain that is sleek and can be rolled around to the ear to give an elegant look. To create a beautiful look, pearls, gemstones, and different types of beads are added or attached with the chain.

String Earrings

Ear Spikes

Spikes are usually smaller and are perfect for everyday wear or when you are at home or going to college. These are also a great choice for work wear. These come in different color and can be made of plastic or metal. 
Ear Spikes

Fish Hook
Fish hook is used in various traditional looking earrings and resembles more like a fish. These are great to wear with look and heavy earrings.
Fish Hook Earrings

Keep all the above-mentioned styles in mind before buying earrings online for women so that you have a perfect pair for each occasion. The list will help you find the one that matches your style. 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Traditional Gujarati Chaniya Choli Online

Gujarat is known to celebrate Navaratri on a huge level; however, this beautiful festival is not limited to a single city anymore. Today, Indians across the world celebrate the beautiful festival of Navratri by dancing, dressing for the occasion, and indulging in various ceremonies and religious activities. Although, every other aspect of the occasion is easy, finding a suitable dress can be a challenge. If you are busy this Navratri season and are looking to find a great deal, find out why should you buy traditional Gujarati chaniya choli online this season. 

Gujarati Chaniya Choli

Save Time

There are numerous benefits of shopping online; however, the best and most reliable is time saving. When you choose the web as your online shopping destination, you make it is easier to find a large variety of options sitting at the comfort of your homes. 

Latest Fashion

On one hand, where retail stores try to sell the clothes in stock before bringing in their new collection, online stores make sure to sell latest and fashionable clothes to get an edge over competitors and get the attention of customers. Hence, if you buy chaniya choli online, you are more likely to get latest fashion choices.


Online shopping is a great way to sit at home, relax, and shop while watching your favorite movie or television series. The convenience of online shopping is unbeatable and you no longer require to physically exhaust yourself to get your favorite items.  

24/7 Shopping

If you are a working man or a woman, you might find it difficult to get time to shop during work days and would prefer to spend weekends with friends, family, or by having a relaxing work day. One of the significant benefits of online shopping is the flexibility. You can shop in the evening, late at night, from work or anywhere else you would like to shop. 

Price Comparison

Lastly, you can compare prices and find a suitable deal according to your budget. In fact, you can compare online shoppers to see if you are getting a better deal anywhere else. However, while shopping, check the reputation of the online provider because cheapest is not always best.

Keep the above-mentioned list in mind when you are planning your shopping extravaganzas to traditional Gujarati chaniya choli online next time. While selecting the online provider, make sure to check whether they have a quick shipping and an easy return policy to get value for your money.