Thursday, 16 February 2017

How To Pick an Indian Wedding Saree

Elegance and cultural forms are what every bride wants in her wedding dress. Every bride wants to look best on her that big day. Let’s take a look at the options and trends that an Indian bride can look at while picking her perfect dress on her wedding.


A bride can wear a traditional saree which is known as ‘panetar’ or a lehenga. To make draping and a saree we also have the option of a lehenga-saree. You can select any of the above as per your preference . Indian wedding sarees are also available in various styles to fit different lineation to make your look beautiful.

  •  Designs for your bridal saree - Traditional embroidery is a frequently noted design for a bridal dress. Embroidered fabrics, thread work are elegant forms of design, mainly utilized in wedding occasions. Pearls and gems are also used for attractive work in a wedding saree. Various gold unessential are also used to complement the fabric.

  •  Colors for your bridal dress  - Most of the wedding designer sarees are poly-colored, with a single shade highlighting the main part of the dress. Deep and bright reds like maroon, magenta, yellow and orange are most favored colors for a wedding occasion. Latest trend of wearing blue, violet and green has also emerged in the bridal closet.

  • Pick an ideal wedding dress - lehengas, lehenga-sarees and sarees  are conventional dresses of brides in an Indian wedding. You should take really good care in the measurements of your dress. It should not be too loose or suffocative and making it difficult to breathe. As far as colors are concerned, you can choose from large varieties of shades. Indian wedding dresses even exhibit combination of fabrics. Silk, satin and georgette can stand alone or can be combined in different forms to prepare a perfect wedding saree. You can easily pick a fabric in which  you comfort.


  • Acquiring Indian wedding dress from online stores - You can purchase Indian wedding sarees from online stores. Some online stores even offer lehengas on undertake! While most other e-commerce bridal wear stores offer customized fittings and alterations if you select the bridal dress online. Many designers too have move in online stores to exhibit their dressmaking to potential buyers. So now instead of visiting each boutique for latest collection, you can take a look through accessible options of leading fashion designers with just a few clicks.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Daily Wear Georgette Sarees- Something Must Have for Saree Lovers

So you love wearing traditional Indian outfits and looking for daily wear sarees? In this blog, you would find worth reading info about something you won’t be able to ignore. Yes, you guessed it right! Here I am talking about daily wear georgette sarees. Well, though there are huge variety of sarees can be found available in the stores but these lovely sarees have always been in demand.


Why these sarees are so popular?

If you are looking to buy cheap and best sarees online without burning holes in your pocket, these are simply the best options for daily wear, office going and the like. Tons of options in georgette sarees can be found available in the online stores. You can feel free to place your order after going through a wide variety of daily wear georgette sarees in every color.

Georgette is a lightweight fabric and drapes well and looks elegant. Georgette sarees are suitable to all body types when draped and carried decently. Georgette is very soft and skin friendly fabric, you can try several different draping styles to look trendy and sensual. 

How to take care of georgette sarees?

Next to this, one thing that I can’t afford not to mention while telling you about daily wear georgette sarees is how to take care of these soft and light-weighted sarees. This is very important to know if you want to keep your sarees look graceful for long time.  

It is always a good idea to hand-wash these sarees in cold or lukewarm water with mild detergent.

You should avoid drying these in washing machine rather these should be hanged till they get dry properly.

Some georgette sarees are required to get dry-cleaned.

I hope, provided information in this blog is worthy enough for you to know why party wear sarees are much in demand and how to take care of these sarees.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Lehenga Sarees – The Blend of Trend and Tradition – Selection Tips

With ample collections available online, the lehenga sarees are becoming very popular. This type of lehenga sarees is most preferred by young girls and women for its mind-blowing designs and patterns. Unlike the usual sarees, they definitely have something unique in them. There is no doubt that this saree will give you a wonderful shopping experience.

 The online shop will create you a wonderful opportunity to select your choice of lehenga sarees from an infinite range of patterns, colors, designs and much more. You can select the one that will suit your expectations, interest and your body type.

The lehenga sarees are mostly chosen for wedding and other types of special occasions. They are also widely chosen for festival celebrations like Diwali. You can find lehenga sarees in different styles, embroidery works, stone works, bead works and much more. They are also available in various color choices. The availability of lehenga sarees in different combinations of contrast colors is awesome and they will definitely get you lost in the collections you see online.


The designer lehenga sarees are really awesome. No matter where you live, be it in the small town or large city, these sarees have impressed a huge number of young girls and women across the country. Besides, they are also impressing women from round the globe to wear them for a special occasion. This impressive collection of lehenga sarees has no words to describe, especially on their pattern and designs.

Although the lehenga sarees are wonderful, you need to think a few things into your consideration before you choose them. The color you choose should complement to your skin tone. The best color combination you choose will definitely make you look beautiful. Therefore, try to choose the lehenga saree that suit your complexion.

Besides, try to choose the saree based on your body type. There are designer lehenga sarees available for different body type. If you are slim, then try to choose the fabrics that will not cling and thus they may create sensual curves. Cotton, organza, tussar silk or tissue will be the best selection for you georgette, or chiffon sarees may minimize the assets and they may not create any traditional curves, although they are designed.

Women with large busts can choose sarees designed to accentuate curves of their figure type. They should pay attention to choose the fabric that will beautifully fit their body and look good with a perfect figure.
If you are shorter and heavier, then look for highly embellished borders, strong colors and bold prints. This type of sarees may make you look good and beautiful. Sarees with monochromatic patterns in georgette, silk or chiffon fabrics may help women to look tall and slim. has vast range of stunning lehenga sarees at very reasonable prices. And one plus point to save your pocket is that you can use zipker discount coupon and get discount on every purchase up to 60 percent.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Must Have Evening Gowns For Modern Indian Girls

Well, clothes are something that not only covers our body, but these define who we are or what our personality is all about. No matter which category you belong to, clothes help you to leave a lasting impression. So, you need to consider this fact, especially while going to attend some event like Christmas, New Year, anniversary celebration, engagement or any other such function.


Long evening gown is a perfect outfit to attend all the above-mentioned events. It is undoubtedly a great idea to choose fashionable designer party wear gown. However, the type of occasion should be bear in mind while choosing a gown so that it can fit in your requirement. Other than this, body type is another important factor while opting gown to make a style statement. While buying a designer long evening gown, you should also consider the time of the day when you are going to wear it so that color can be chosen accordingly.

Nowadays, there are many types of evening gowns are available in the market such as the ball gown, sheath, traditional gown and so on. If you are someone who is not into western outfits but looking to try something for the first time, full length anarkali style long evening gown is just a perfect choice for you. It is a full-length gown that looks like a designer anarkali suit and quite comfortable to wear and carry. Nowadays, it is the most popular attire among the modern Indian girls. If you are planning to attend an Indian traditional event of high society and want to avoid dressing up in a saree or salwar suit, this is an ideal choice for sure.

Long evening gown is a perfect blend of western and traditional style that offers an eye-catching look to the girls. Other than the aforementioned gowns, you can also choose to buy A-line gown, mermaid gown or straight gown for attending any event. Adding to this, to get more stunning look, you can accessorize it with a beautiful clutch, matching or contrast earrings, shining bracelet as well as a pair of fashionable heels.

Online stores have a wide collection of all types of evening gowns, online shopping is the best choice when you are planning to buy an eye-catching evening gown. While shopping online you can get heavy discount on whatever you purchase. Like to get best deals on ethnic wear website you can use zipker coupon code to get best offers and discount on every product.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Improve Your Grace With Designer Sarees

The saree is a cultural Indian garment worn by a large number of women in India.
Though there is a lot of western grip in the way people dress today, can we deny the fact that an Indian woman looks perfectly impressive in a saree?

 There is something about the designer saree that makes a woman look grand, pleasing and  stylish. Over the years, the Indian designer saree has evolved into a fashion statement, what with most fashion designers elucidates the look and feel of this traditional designer saree. Designer bridal sarees are also very popular, especially those designed by fashion designers.

 Rootage of Sarees

The rootage of a saree can be dated back in the past and there are many references to it while the Indus Valley Civilization. In more recent times, it is expected that the women in most parts of India have been wearing sarees for many years.

How to Wear a Sari?

A saree can be worn in various ways - each region in India has its own different style of wear a saree and this is what makes the sari an interesting wear.

The most common way to wear a sari is by patch it around the waist from one side over the petticoat, making clean pleats in the front - 6-7 depending on the length of the loose end (pallu / palla) that you want, and then draping it over the shoulder from front to back or back to front.
Just as there are different styles of wearing a saree, there are also various fabrics used and their  prices depending on the quality.

So not only normal saree but also designer saree has a great role in the Indian women’s choice. So for buy Indian designer sarees at discount prices, bridal designer saree, party wear designer saree visit now at, where you get exclusive collection of women's ethnic dresses and get heavy discount if you used zipker coupon during checkout.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Best Tips To Look Different Draping A Party Wear Saree

Whether it is a formal festive occasion, or it is the family wedding party, or your friends’ special day, It is very obvious that you want to turn out the prettiest in every single gathering. So what can be a better option, than putting on the best made and classic designer saree in exclusive print and selection? You need to look exotic and appealing, and for that your saree is the best option to drip. All you have to do is get the latest designer saree piece and stay sure to steal the show in the most beautiful appeal. Also, the saree alongside gives you a slimmer and taller look, presenting you a charming and elegant look.


Made in different fabrics ranging from silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, khadi, velvet and many more, you get ample varieties in the formation of saree, suiting different occasions and outlooks. A gist of the varieties in saree highlight:

·         Printed: There are sarees that are printed throughout in single and multiple colors and are light and comfortable. These are the best worm for small party gatherings and the perfect to capture attention from everyone. You can also wear the very stylish earrings along and get ready to grab a commendable personality for yourself.

·         Heavy party wears: You also get the best heavy embroidered and fine saree made by exclusive and professional designers. With so many color concepts and favorably designed blouse to complement your saree, accessorise your get up with bangles and earrings, matching the perfect combination.

·         Saree gown: These days, you also see the most featured form of sarees in the form of gown. With the saree flared down, this gives the best stylish look and is the most suited for important occasions. Single and contrasted colors, elegant work and borders make the saree look more appealing.


The technologically responding era also offers you the best ease to handy saree shopping, online. With much effectiveness and unlimited varieties, the professional online stores offer you best pieces in the filters of price and saree form that you want. With convenient payment and delivery option, you get the best assistance to comfortable shopping in the handiest pace.

When you want to get the best party wear sarees you can switch to, which is the most reliable online store to get the latest party wear saree collection. Featuring the most antique and elegant saree for your needs, you can visit this one stop online shop at

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Style Hacks for Party Dressing

When it comes to get ready for the party, it becomes quite difficult and confusing for girls to decide what to wear and which look to carry in for the party so as to be the eye candy of the occasion. 


We all know that look great in a party is what everyone wishes but then everyone is not on the same phase and we have best tips to drape party wear saree. Some of you have time to get ready for the party perfectly but some of you don’t get sufficient time to spend on parlors and salons. For people like you need some really simple and quick style hacks for party so that you can get ready in no time with a look that is eye catching as well. 


Below are some amazing and cool style hacks for party dressing that will help you look fabulous and will not take much of your time:

1      To look different in a party dress differently. Why put a cocktail dress in a party when you can nail the look with a sexy and stylish saree for party?

2      Be sure to match your makeup with the outfit and also with the timing of the event. Try not to overdo the makeup and keep it specific.

3     It is not always necessary to put on lots of jewelry. You can also try something casual or no jewelry except for a small drop earring or a sleek bracelet or just a cute pendant.

4      Try to go casual sometimes when others are with all the glitters. All you need to do is pair your outfit with a pair of casual flip flops or a stylish sandal and a stylish handbag and you are good to go.

   5.     Coming to the hairstyles, you can try a messy bun or a side fishtail braid and you will look amazing. Just know which hairstyle will suit your outfit and get it done. Do not complicate it.


      It is being observed these days that party style has gone much more casual than before and the usual look is now becoming the unusual and trendy. So, it is time that you may want a new fancy saree or a cool handbag and you can get all of them at which is the best online store for accessories, apparels and many more.