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Grace of Indian Women – Anarkali Suits

Anarkali is a kind of suit worn by women not only of India but also in Pakistan. It consists of a kurti, which is usually a figure cudding till the upper center and the lower portion flares like a long round skirt. It is worn with a churidar and a chunni.

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 Anarkali suits came into existence in the Mughal period and have just made a vast come back in the fashion industry. Since the Mughal period the design has not lost its gracility and still considered an elegant and fashionable pick among the many classes of India.
Lately the Anarkali suit has gotten so much popular that it has become a designer wear for women. The Anarkalis come in a range of fabrics and are embroidered with different materials like zari, stones, kundan, etc.
The Anarkali also salutation most Indian body types because of its A-line cut. It gives one a slimmer shape, giving an overall elegant look. The suit can be teamed with traditional or modern Jewelry along with juttis.
The past of the beginning of the ‘Anarkali’ is considered quiet gripping and controversial in the Indian history. Anarkali was a bond servant girl, who danced the mujra at the palace of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. He purportedly buried her alive for having an illicit relationship with Prince Jahangir. Due to the lack of sources, the story of Anarkali is widely considered false. The dresses these dancers wore was known as mujra dress and later they got popular by name ‘Anarkali’ suit in the retention of a great dancer and a passionate lover.
Like Anarkali Suit, Plazo suit also in the trend.

Deck Up With Latest Dresses This Diwali.

Festivity is the sense and identity of Indian cultures. Noteworthy is the fact that, India celebrates the best and maximum number of festivals in comparison to any other country and land. And with utmost importance and ritual treasures, Diwali is one festival which is celebrated with most joy and humour and love and craze. Deep emotions and the sense of getting the most featured outfit for the Diwali night in men and women is also commendable to see. Everybody carves the best attire to flaunt and so, glare at the exclusive varieties that markets ad online stores present for them.

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When looking for the best diwali dresses, you can selectively purchase:
1.       Designer suits and kameez which not just looks beautifully elegant, but also gives a class and festive look. Made in single color or in color contrast with embroidered prints and patterns, purchasing the designer suits is one among the best options you can have.

2.       Exclusive sarees which are made in different fabrics of silk, cotton, chiffon and also georgette. Designed by the renowned designers and giving the most featured touch of elegance, the sarees made of precious gems and borders also suit and complement women, in the best way.

3.       Lehenga with blouse which is the most acceptable in fashion terms. They are not oreety to flaunt but also feel get the most beautiful look in. With the lehengas made in variety of colors and stones and other traditional work, get the most pretty diwali outfit for yourself from the fine selections.

4.       The multi colored and single color gowns in the best fabric to make your Diwali night count perfect. To be worn by girls to women of all the age groups, the gowns are one of the most desired attires that women prefer for any special and exciting occasion.

With the huge chaos in the market, it is almost impossible to visit the outlets and select a perfect one for you. So why not just plug in to the internet and make the best purchase of diwali dresses, online. Online stores are specifically featured to offer you consumer friendly services at the best comfort and stress free calculation. With simple terms of payment and delivery options, you can purchase your diwali dresses any time you feel like. With the exact product display and description of the price too, shopping is now made far easy and time conserving, online.

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All you have to do is, look at the exclusive collection for diwali dresses and home decor products that are showcased at Zipker.com. Fetching the best possible prices for the dresses, look at their varieties on http://www.zipker.com/festival/diwali-dresses.html.

Make Your Feet Beautiful

Anklets adorn the ankle of a bride, is made of silver (mostly) and has kundan or beads as decorations.

Anklets are worn by women of all age groups and are popular for their intense styles and embroidery.

PAJEB, also known as anklets refer to jewelry that are worn around the ankle. Anklets are an important part of women's adornment in the Indian tradition though they have also been found in other ancient cultures of Egypt. 

Anklets are a part of jewelry and have great social insignificant. However, apart from their esthetic value the basic motive of the anklet is to draw notice to the wearers legs and feet.

Anklets come in varying shapes and sizes in present times. From the traditional and rather delicate silver and gold chains, they have developed into beautiful threaded versions in wood, crystals, semi-precious stones.

Anklet is a significant part of bride’s jewelry in India. Traditionally, the new bride announces her entry into her husband’s house with the tinkly of her PAJEB. 

Mostly, Indians prefer to wear anklets made of silver, as gold is considered to be the metal of the gods. People in India, therefore, consider it insulting to wear gold on the bottom most part of the body. Many people though go in for gold-plated anklets these days. Its included in the ornaments of bridal jewelry.
Designer Silver Anklets

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Anklets are considered to be a traditional and fortunate gift for the new bride in India. An designer anklets needs to be at least two or three inches larger than the ankle size, so that the beads, bells and other embellishments fall right under the ankle bone. But then, there are exceptions, depending upon the outfit or footwear it must match with and the comfort level of the wearer.

Lehenga Sarees – The Blend of Trend and Tradition – Selection Tips

With ample collections available online, the lehenga sarees are becoming very popular. This type of lehenga sarees is most preferred by young girls and women for its mind-blowing designs and patterns. Unlike the usual sarees, they definitely have something unique in them. There is no doubt that this saree will give you a wonderful shopping experience.

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The online shop will create you a wonderful opportunity to select your choice of lehenga sarees from an infinite range of patterns, colors, designs and much more. You can select the one that will suit your expectations, interest and your body type.

The lehenga sarees are mostly chosen for wedding and other types of special occasions. They are also widely chosen for festival celebrations like Diwali. You can find lehenga sarees in different styles, embroidery works, stone works, bead works and much more. They are also available in various color choices. The availability of lehenga sarees in different combinations of contrast colors is awesome and they will definitely get you lost in the collections you see online.
The designer lehenga sarees are really awesome. No matter where you live, be it in the small town or large city, these sarees have impressed a huge number of young girls and women across the country. Besides, they are also impressing women from round the globe to wear them for a special occasion. This impressive collection of lehenga sarees has no words to describe, especially on their pattern and designs.

Although the lehenga sarees are wonderful, you need to think a few things into your consideration before you choose them. The color you choose should complement to your skin tone. The best color combination you choose will definitely make you look beautiful. Therefore, try to choose the lehenga saree that suit your complexion.

Besides, try to choose the saree based on your body type. There are designer lehenga sarees available for different body type. If you are slim, then try to choose the fabrics that will not cling and thus they may create sensual curves. Cotton, organza, tussar silk or tissue will be the best selection for you georgette, or chiffon sarees may minimize the assets and they may not create any traditional curves, although they are designed.

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Women with large busts can choose sarees designed to accentuate curves of their figure type. They should pay attention to choose the fabric that will beautifully fit their body and look good with a perfect figure.

If you are shorter and heavier, then look for highly embellished borders, strong colors and bold prints. This type of sarees may make you look good and beautiful. Sarees with monochromatic patterns in georgette, silk or chiffon fabrics may help women to look tall and slim. 

Modify Your fashion with Zipker’s Jewellery

Whether it’s your denims or your office wear, a cocktail gown or a little white dress, get your jewelry game on point to add glare. 

Silver Necklace Set with Crystals
Costume jewelry has now been taken to new intense and women understand the feeling of emplacement high-quality sparklers with all glitz and glam. Celebrities have been wearing costume jewelry on the red carpet, making a style statement of their own. Today, women are more fashion sensible and prefer wearing designer jewelry to match their costume and look stylish.

 Today’s contemporary women love costume jewelry because it is more accessible and fashionable. It is also considered to be a style modifier and a great accessory for casuals as well as party wears. The designer fashion jewelry line usually follows the same bendy process in setting and stone cutting as those used in making fine jewelry.

Get an exclusive range of maverick jewelry that has been elaborately designed to give it an idea of precious jewelry. As a brand, ZIPKER believes in standing out and not following the herd. Being a fashion freak, one can get an array of choices among the rings, earrings, designer pendants, necklaces and bracelets that point up any costume perfectly. You can wear it to brilliantly capture any mood and expose it throughout the year.

The store has a new fascinating jewelry collection that is ethnic and stylish which can be worn with wedding gowns, cocktail dresses as well as traditional clothes. The collection has been designed on unconventional notes offering individuality which gives an idea of precious jewelry. The collection is class apart that celebrates elegance, high quality and finest workmanship. Each piece speaks to the softness of a woman. It is free-spirited, fresh and playful. The jewelry range is decadent and special enough for a wedding as well as versatile enough to be worn and enjoyed at any evening party.

Peacock Pendant Set
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The dignified collection can also be a unique gift wrapped as good wishes for your loved ones or friends. With the changing times, people look for maverick ways of gifting and with the designer wedding jewelry one can stand out of the horde and look magnificently unique wherever they go.

Buy Designer Gown Online to Look Sizzling in A Party

Long designer gowns are in trend nowadays and stealing millions of hearts across the world. Designer gown online is basically a floor length attire that can be worn for several occasions. This is considered to be the best creation of the fashion designers.
Long gown online can be found available in wide variety of designs and color combinations. The skilled fashion designers are designing these gowns in a wide range of patterns and colors to fulfill the diverse expectations of buyers across the globe. Party wear gowns are gaining popularity as one of the most preferred western attires not only in India but all over the world. If you are fond of wearing western outfits, this attire is certainly for you to provide awesome looks. It can be worn to attend cocktail parties, prom night, candlelight dinner or evening parties.

Party Wear Purple Gown
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The changing fashion trend keeps influencing the designing patterns of this western outfit. The fashion designers use a plethora of spellbinding color patterns for making their collections more and more eye-catching. Since party wear gowns are special attires to be used at parties, variety of lovely colors are selected by the designers while designing and manufacturing.

Nowadays, every high-class party is organized with a different theme and a particular dress is decided to be worn. In order to stand out of the crowd, it becomes mandatory to go for an eye-catching dress according to the theme. Therefore, fashion designers are doing their best for crafting party wear gown collections in multiple mesmerizing designs and colors. They are creating their collections in an array of colors so that buyers can choose according to their color taste.

Designer Pink Gown
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In addition to this, handmade embroidery design is another noticeable feature of long gown  online. The fashion designers use handmade embroidery designs extensively for making these outfits more appealing. For making eye-catching embroidery designs and motifs, designers use several decorative items such as pearls, stones, beads, sequins and so forth. Then these are used along the borders and other parts of the gowns.

Other than this, long designer gown  can be found available in a wide range of fabrics. The leading brands are offering highly appealing party wear gowns in the plethora of fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, linen, silk, cotton, etc. All of these fabrics are skin friendly and look eye-catching. These western outfits like anarkali gown go well with trendy jewelry, high heels and eye makeup. Moreover, carrying a fashionable clutch adds more class and appeal for sure. 

Anarkali Suit - A Perfect Party Wear Designer Dress

Zipker.com is India's Largest Marketplace to Buy Unique Anarklai Suits, lehenga, saree, earrings and jewelry . Discover the world of ethnic fashion with the best online shopping site for fashion jewelry and to buy latest women dresses online at best prices for all occasions.

Anarkali Suits - Anarkali suits are commonly made in georgette and net fabric with different types of work that demonstrates the beauty of women. These dresses are colorize with sparkling gotapatti or intricate Zardosi or sequin work. The Anarkali churidar embellished to match the dress or made of transparent material in the same color. Contrasting Anarkali churidars also sometimes used to add to the beauty of the dress. A pure dupatta or stole in the same color as the full churidar the whole and gives it an aerial feel. Designers have made the churidar suit Anarkali a very versatile garment.  Anarkali with a cut neck and ornate brocade or gotapatti work in vibrant colors like brown, red, purple and green can make a woman look like a princess that makes it perfect for a wedding or any traditional festival. Some Anarkalis design are also well suited for more contemporary occasions or events. Churidar Anarkali in warm colors like blue, white, gray and black scratched or sleeves transparent and deep necks or wide with Mukaish light or subtle work thread look wonderfully elegant at any dinner party today or function formal. Zipker has a vast collection of designer dresses.

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Anarkali Suit(Semi-stitched)
Bridal, Festival, Party, Reception, Wedding, Eid, Diwali

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